About Us

About Us


is a business group with multipurpose services from publication, advertisement for different services and consultancy management,

  • Intervention model

We offer our services to clients in Rwanda but we are poised to expand our operations to the East Africa and beyond.

Principally, at Octopus, we are specializing in providing good publication and advert services and product driven consultancy services.

The satisfaction of our clients is at the heart of our priorities. 

By focusing on the breadth and depth of our expertise in the above mentioned fields, we have successfully delivered as a Company, giving a superior value to the satisfaction and good relationship with people we serve.

Our Featured Services


We are specialized into advertisement service of all kind of products such as house for sell, rent properties for sell, car and many more kind of selling and buying services.


We offer different kind of publication for small and medium business such as job publication, Tender, different kind of announcements and other services require to be published.


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